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What People Are Saying About Us

Friends Helping Friends

I absolutely love Salon One and I appreciate my dear friend who introduced me to this lovely spa. The first time I came to Salon One, I was preparing for a fashion show, and I needed to get wax. It was my first time, and I was nervous, but the lady who serviced me talked me through it and made it as easy and comfortable as she possibly could. From that point on, it was history. Every time I need a wax, Salon One always gets a call from me. The wax isn't typical wax either, and they provide you with any aloe, powders, or anything you need post-wax to soothe the pain. Love this place. I have no idea what I am going to do once I graduate and move away.
Nzinga L., Brooklyn, New York

Dedication to Comfort

I have been coming here for years. I was coming before they moved locations. Everyone who works there is so friendly and nice. The salon is very clean and relaxing with big comfy chairs to relax in. The waxes, as all the other reviews have stated, are the best. They are fast, efficient, super friendly, and make you feel really comfortable in the appointment. But the salon treatments are amazing, as well. Melissa is my favorite technician that works there. She is very professional and so nice. Their gift cards also make great gifts for mom or friends. Especially if you make it a date and you go together! Salon Day!
-Emma L., Eastford, Connecticut