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Face & Body Care

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Waxing and Skin Treatment Services

Located in New London, Connecticut, we offer waxing and skin treatment services for both men and women.
Let us help you find the right treatment to have you groomed to perfection!

Women's Waxing

One Personal Grooming Studio provides a variety of waxing services for the well groomed woman. 

Brow $15
Lip $8
Lip & Brow $22
Lip & Chin $15
Chin $10
Sideburn $10
Nose $5
Face $28
Underarm $20
Half Arm $25
Full Arm $35

Bikini $35
Brazilian Bikini Wax $45
Half Leg with Bikini $50
Half Leg with Brazilian $60
Full Leg with Bikini $70
Full Leg with Brazilian $80
Full Leg, No Bikini $65
Half Leg Wax, No Bikini $35
Stomach or Buttocks $12
Woman's Waxed Eyebrows

Man with Hairless Chest

Men's Waxing

We didn't forget about the men! At One Personal Grooming Studio, we also offer waxing options for the well groomed man.

Brow $15
Nose or Ear Wax $5
Back or Chest Wax $50
Back & Chest Wax $95
Back & Brazilian $95
Chest & Brazilian $95
Back, Chest & Brazilian $140
Brazilian Wax $55
Under Arm $20
Half Arm $25
Full Arm $35
Full Leg with Brazilian $90
Full Leg, No Brazilian $65
Stomach or Buttocks $12

Facial and Body Services

In addition to our wax hair removal services, our professional technicians are certified to provide facial treatments for all of our valued clients. 

Glycolic Peel $35
A Deep Exfoliation to Help Fade Fine Lines & Improve the Texture of the Skin

Enzyme Peel $35
A Gentle but Highly Effective Exfoliation Treatment to Balance & Even the Skin, Giving a Youthful Appearance

Firming Elastin Treatment $40
An Intensive Treatment to Firm & Tone the Skin

Hydrating Collagen Treatment $40
A Deeply Hydrating Treatment, Leaving the Skin Glowing & Moisturized

Express Clarifying Facial $55
Treats Acne & Blackheads, Leaving the Skin Clearer & Healthy

European Facial $70
A Relaxing European-Style Facial That Is Customized to Individual Skin Needs, Great for All Skin Types

Vitamin C Anti-Aging Facial $80
An Effective Anti-Aging Facial That Uses a Combination of Products with High Levels of Vitamin C, Brightens & Firms the Skin

Body Polish $45

Lightening Treatment for All Areas of the Face and Body, Including the Most Sensitive and Intimate Areas $50 and up.

  • Add on to Any Wax Service $30 and up.
    Specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of dark discolorations in the sensitive and intimate areas including bikini area, underarms, face, scars, burn marks & more.
Woman with a Smooth Face