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Currently, we only offer products for sale in our New London location. 
We are pleased to offer a selection of products from the following companies:

Keyano Aromatics

Keyano Aromatics

Keyano Aromatics are developed based on the most recent science in natural theraputics. We carry both hair and face/body prodcuts.

Hair Care Products Skin Care Products

Color Wow

Color WOW

Today’s hair fashion is all about color and effects: ombres, sombres…. a rainbow of expressive shades. This massive new surge of color use (and abuse) demands a whole new level of color care technology. And that’s why we created Color Wow.

WOW Products

South Beach

South Beach Skin Solutions

Ours is the only product trusted by thousands of professional estheticians, cosmetologists, pharmacists, doctors and more in salons, spas, clinics, pharmacies and medical offices in more than 40 countries around the world. They trust us with their clients. So you know that our products are safe, effective and trustworthy.

We pride ourselves on working with the best labs in the USA to formulate and produce our products with the highest degree of quality and safety. We even produce our tubes and boxes in the USA. It is all part of our commitment to quality and trust.

South Beach Products